English Lessons




Students will listen to and use English for everyday activities, so they will be able to learn to speak.

At many preschools, the students are only in class for 5 hours, and after that they return to relying on Japanese, but at DREAM KIDS HOUSE, there will be a native teacher there from 9AM to 5PM.

For extended nursery care (7:30AM to 7:30PM), we will also pass the time with English and music.

Because the students will spend the day largely in English, they will definitely be able to speak.

Children are most sensitive to foreign languages between 7 months and 6 years old.  This is the most opportune time to expose them to English.





Even in English, using the Montessori method, you can connect words and characters.  Also, by the abilities learned through phonics from our native English teacher, your child will become able to read.

Just like Japanese, reading a little bit of English from a book everyday is important.  We start with simple material and gradually build up the base from there.

There will be 2 levels of English class, so we will take care to provide the appropriate level.





Once you can read, the next step is writing.

We aim to take it one step at a time every day to teach the students to write what they can speak.

At 5 printed sheets a week, that works out to over 200 sheets of writing!

In 4 years, that would be over 800.

We will help them develop through constant encouragement.