Parent's Voice


Here are some impressions from the parents:

Parent of 2-year old; joined April, 2014

I decided on Dream Kids House after being impressed with the professional staff providing unique education such as Montessori and Rhythmic classes that I could not find elsewhere.

I found merges the best parts of a Day Care Center and a Kindergarten.

After joining Dream Kids House, I found the teachers and staff all worked with the children on the same level and made for a pleasant at-home environment.

There was a huge change in my child's attitude. Even though he wasn't so motivated at home, he has been growing into a new person at Dream Kids House and I see a big change since he has been here.

Parent of Yusei, 3-years old; Joined April, 2014

I wanted my son to get a wide range of experiences and to develop many new interests which is why we joined Dream Kids House. It has only been a month, but he has already been learning a lot of things and having fun.

He learns new English every day and has even started using some of it at home.

While we are reading a book, he says "What's this?" or "Help please!" when he needs help. He even asks "What's this in English?" when he finds something he wants to know.

I was surprised at how good his pronunciation became.

I think it is great that daily English conversation is practiced during everyday activities by native teachers and teachers with experience living abroad.

Parent of 4-year old; Joined April, 2014

I was surprised in the short time my child has been at Dream Kids House because of how he is able to pick up new words as well as use them, and becoming able to do things on his own.

Until recently, he was only drawing in one color, but I am so happy he has been able to express his art in a larger variety of colors and draw many different shapes and figures.

He has been growing so much even though it has only been one month.

The staff not only write down what happened each day in the contact note, they can tell me each day what my son has been doing during the day.

I can relax knowing my son is in such good hands.

Parent of Ayari Hasegawa, 4-year old; Joined April, 2013

My daughter enjoys the school so much, she acts out the classes with her sister at home like Dance and the Morning Circle time.

Before, she couldn't even read, but now a year later she can write and read a large number of characters and that has built up her confidence tremendously.

Parent of 4-year old; Joined April, 2013

My son has started talking with words like "quarter note" (4分音符), "eighth note" (8分音符) and "treble clef" (ト音記号) at home.

I think it is a rare and wonderful opportunity to be able to study both English and Music at the same school under the same curriculum, unlike other schools that only focus on one.

He speaks complicated words and phrases at home so effortlessly I wonder how to reply.

He is a reflection of the superb teaching from the great staff at Dream Kids House.

For this I am very thankful.

Parent of 4-year old; Joined April, 2012

At first I wanted my daughter to learn the Montessori method which is how I found out about this school initially, but instead of intensive study, I wanted my daughter to say what she wants to do of her own free will.

As opposed to strict "Study" and "Lessons", Dream Kids House harnesses the wishes and desires of the children and builds up their skills and expressive ability based on what they want to do.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that after joining the school, my daughter takes responsibility for those younger than her, and holds respect for those older, all the while challenging herself to improve.

I look forward to reading the contact notes every day to see what is happening.

Even though it is a relatively new school, there are events such as curry night where the school listens to the parents and we can all share our thoughts and opinions.

Parent of Rui Katsumata, 4-year old; Joined April, 2012

I have 2 children that have already graduated from Dream Kids House and they developed wonderful personalities while there in that positive environment.

They all speak English at home when they need to because they want to; not only in a school environment.

Not only speaking, they also developed English reading and writing skills.

Because they started with phonics, they are able to try and read new words and improve their vocabulary.

My youngest son is now learning words on his own as well.

As a parent, I am very happy with the expansive curriculum that includes not only English, but also dance, music, P.E., etc. for a varied and rich program.


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