The Dream Kids House 2018 Graduation and Entrance Ceremony

● The Dream Kids House 2018 Graduation and Entrance Ceremony


Hello, this is Ishihara from Dream Kids House.


At the end of March of 2018, we held our graduation and entrance ceremony.


As we spend each day in our school, we naturally begin to speak English.

This graduation ceremony is the final event of kindergarten life. We started with a speech from the school principal.




Everyone listened very attentively. This irreplaceable moment in time felt both very long and very short at the same time. Today was the last day of our memories at this school.




Here is the presentation of the graduation certificates. Everyone truly put in a lot of hard work.




The graduates were able to clearly present their speeches in English.




The current students now share their memories with the graduates.




They have shared many experiences together such as camping in Yamanashi and farming expeditions.

They spoke in English with the native teachers everyday.


Finally we had a presentation by our choir. This was the song that the graduate students sang to the current students, and their emotional sound grabbed our hearts. You couldn’t listen to it without breaking into tears.



Later that day we also held the entrance ceremony. There was a nervousness in the air.




We then held the introductions of the new teaching staff.




Entering Dream Kids House opens a new chapter in our lives. This is a very gratifying feeling for us.




Every moment at every instant is irreplaceable. This does not change even as we grow into adults. We want the moments we spend at the kindergarten to be the best time we can.

There is always a native teacher with you. That is the way of Dream Kids House. This is the best environment for English education.

Additionally, we also have times for classes such as rhythmic, dance and art, in which all lessons are directly taught by professional lecturers.

You can “feel” real art.

You can live a fulfilling kindergarten life.

We are all waiting for you.


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