The Instructors at Dream Kids House


DREAM KIDS HOUSE is administered by Education Planning Corp. under Sachiko Inoue.


The headmaster had studied childcare and has earned a licence in that discipline.


The Native teachers Michael, Heather and Boah are very earnest and kind teachers.


The keyboard ensemble,rythmic, art and dance teachers are all professionally trained.


The Japanese childcare professionals all speak good English.


Since the opening of Dream Kids House 3 years ago, the nursery has blossomed and developed into a reputable and mature institution, with dedicated and caring staff.


061A3826WEB.jpgYukie Arakane (荒金 幸枝)


 ・Graduated from Hokkai-Gakuen University, English Language and Culture

 ・King George International College

 ・Vancouver Career College Early Child Education Course

 ・Early Child Educator

 ・TESOL−C Diploma   


I love working with children and helping them expand their horizons.

English teacher


Michael Heffer


Hi my name is Michael(Mike) I'm from London England. I'm a Qualfied Fitness Instructor and Massage Therapist.

I look forward to teaching english and looking after all the kids i work with.I hope we can all have lots of fun

and also learn from each other.

My hobbies are Football,Running and Working out at home or in a Gym.

I look forward to meeting you all.

English teacher


Heather Grace Schiedel


Hi! My name is Heather Schiedel. I'm came from Victoria British Columbia, Canada. I have been teaching for over 20years. I was teaching in Ontario as well as Victoria Canada. I went to College and recieved my Early Childhood Education Diploma as well as my Special Needs and Infant and Toddler Diploma. I have worked several years with children of all ages. I really enjoy teaching and the children always love my gentle and caring approach to teaching. My hobbies include cooking, baking, curling, hiking, karate, soccer and I love the nature. I am really enjoying my time here at Dream Kids House. This is an amazing opportunity that I am getting to experience. I am really enjoying to get to know all the families and the children here. I have been having fun in Japan and love all the new places and Japanese culture.

English teacher


Boah Akwasi

Hello Everyone, my name is Akwasi Boah Sarfo, i come from USA and Ghana. I am 33 years old and a Masters degree student pursuing a program in Tesol. I live in Soka shi, Saitama and love nature and wildlife. I have visited 27 countries and can speak 9 languages.I love ramen and chahan. I have being a teacher for more than 5 years and i enjoy teaching kids English so much because i love kids. Come on everyone!!! Lets learn English. Thank you.


Namiko Takano




Hello I'm Namiko.


I was really looking forward to coming here!


I like traveling. I have been to many countries in the world.


If you have question about the world, ask me!

Montessori teacher

Miharu Kobayashi




・ Graduated from Shobi Junior College with a major in music


・ Graduated from Jochi Welfare University


・ Studied Educational Instruction at Tamagawa university


・ Worked at a Shibuya Nursery School as a childcare teacher for 6years


・ Studied Rythmic at the Rythmic Education Center


・ Studied Montessori at the Tokyo Montessori Training Center


・ Received a National Licence for Montessori instruction

Fitness/Karate Instructor

佐藤 順之助(Junnosuke Sato)



Dance/Ballet Instructor


Mayuko Honma

Instructor History 

1999-2006   Brand New Market (Ballet, Jazz)

2006-2008   LAVA – (HOT YOGA)

2008         Workshop - Tokyo Kaiyo University (JAZZ, JAZZ HipHop)

2008-2010  Daichi Gakuen High School – ( HipHop )

2009         Workshop - Tokyo Kaiyo University (Ballet, JAZZ)

2009-2010   Soul Dance Studio - (JAZZ HipHop )

2010-2011   Youth Theater Japan (HipHop) in Nichinomiya

2011-2014   ‘DANCE KOOL’ – (Jazz HipHop, Jazz Technique class) in Australia

2014-         YTJ  ( JAZZ, Jazz HipHop ), Over 30 Hiphop ( Hiphop )

                   MDC  ( JAZZ, Jazz Hiphop )、Dyrka International School (Kids Dance)

        Wannadance studio (Jazz Hiphop)、Dream Kids House (Kids Dance)


1999     Shikoku Minon Performance "Dancin’station" (11 locations in Shikoku)                       

2001     Pan Makeup Show            

2002     International Art Festival in Seoul, Korea

2007     Salsa Congress in Washington DC, USA

2008     Tokyo Kaiyo University Festival             

2009     "MLB café TOKYO" Countdown Party - Guest Dancer

2013     TVB TV Australia Miss Sydney 2013 in Australia



1991          Tokyo Shimbun Ballet Competition - Finalist

1992      Tokyo Shimbun Ballet Competition - Finalist           

1999      Tokyo Street News Dance Contest - Winner

2000      Evian Millenium Dance Contest - Special Award


Backup Dancer

2008-2009   Singer "ЯIRE" - Back Dancer   

2012       Singer "Ramos D-artist&Genesis feat Dimyana" PV Event Dancer

2012       "Joseph Koo Concert 2012" Back Dancer in Hong Kong (Hong Kong Collusseum)

2013        Chinese Artist "Mimi Chu" Back Dancer in Australia

2013        Hong Kong Artist "Ruco Chan" Back Dancer in Australia

2013        Hong Kong Artist "Kate Tsui" Back Dancer in Australia

2013        Hong Kong Artist "Eason Chan" "Life" Opening Dancer in Australia