The Instructors at Dream Kids House


DREAM KIDS HOUSE is administered by Education Planning Corp. under Sachiko Inoue.


The headmaster had studied childcare and has earned a licence in that discipline.


The Native teachers Mr Sean, Ms Zara, Mr Aeron, Mr Aaron are very earnest and kind teachers.


The keyboard ensemble,rythmic, art and dance teachers are all professionally trained.


The Japanese childcare professionals all speak good English.


Since the opening of Dream Kids House 3 years ago, the nursery has blossomed and developed into a reputable and mature institution, with dedicated and caring staff.


061A3826WEB.jpgYukie Arakane (荒金 幸枝)


 ・Graduated from Hokkai-Gakuen University, English Language and Culture

 ・King George International College

 ・Vancouver Career College Early Child Education Course

 ・Early Child Educator

 ・TESOL−C Diploma   


I love working with children and helping them expand their horizons.

English teacher

Sean Denny




Hello. I'm Sean and I'm from the United States.


I like music and having fun with friends.


Before coming to Japan, I taught English in Thailand.

English teacher

Zara Appleby-Jones






My name is Zara. I'm from Wales in UK.


I love living in Japan and learning Japanese.


My hobbies include reading literature and traveling.


I love teaching and working alongside children.


Thank you!

English teacher

Aaron Michaelangelo




Hello. I'm so happy to be here!


I'm from California.


I like to work on computers and bikes.


I have been interested in Japan since I was little.


So I'm excited to be living here and teaching english to these amazing kids!

Rythmic teacher

ネイティブ-アーロン.jpgAaron Chmielowiec
Native Instructor/Caretaker


* Waterloo University Graduate (Canada) in Mathematics and Computer Science
* Babysitter License (Canada)
* Japanese Language Proficiency Certification (1st Grade)
* JIPTA Japanese/English Interpreter Certification (2nd Grade) 

* Grade 8 Piano Performance Certificate (Royal Conservatory of Music, Canada)
* Two 1st prizes, two 2nd, and one 3rd prize, Brant Kiwanis Music Festival
* 1st dan in Shotokan Karate (Black Belt)
* Certificate of Distinction in Descartes Mathematics Competition (Canada, Top 25%)
* Adobe Certified Expert in Illustrator (CS6)
* Father of two

Extra-Curricular Activities, Interests
* Translator (Japanese Localization) for the Xubuntu Linux Distribution
* Published Author, "AIJBot Poetry", "Counting Combos"
* Freelance Photography for New Zealand's "The Independent" Newspaper
* Public Speaker for Nagano Prefecture Rotary Club
* Performance and Instruction of various musical instruments (Piano, Trumpet, Trombone)
* Puzzle cubes and eating incredibly spicy food 


Aaron first came to Japan in 1998 as part of an internship with an electronics maker in Nagano Prefecture.  After completing his internship and graduating from University, he received an offer to work as an English instructor elsewhere in Nagano (Kiso Valley).

He was employed as an English Instructor at Elementary, Junior High School, and Special Education Schools in Nagano prefecture through the Matsumoto Board of Education  During this time he came to the realization that the education field was a good match for him, despite being trained in technical field previously.

After the completion of that contract and no other education opportunities at that time, he decided to follow through on personal connections and move to the IT sector for employment where he has worked as a software engineer, developer, technical translator/interpreter and IT manager.

However, with the IT industry in flux due to economic conditions, and self-questioning on the rewards and satisfaction from his work, he came back to the realization that education was, for him, more satisfying and rewarding work, and especially with children of his own, the importance of education really hit home.

Since that time, he has worked as a caretaker and English Instructor in Saitama Prefecture at an English Nursery as well as at an international preschool in Minato ward.

He believes that a child's education is important to harness and develop, and that it is important to help children discover themselves and what they want to be in order to be prepared for the future as a creative, bright and free-thinking individual.


061A4027WEB.jpgMoyuru Koga (古賀 萌)

 ・Canada BC, University of Victoria ELPI Program

 ・Canada BC, Camosun College


 ・English "EIKEN" 2-kyu

 ・Early Childhood Educator Assistant

 ・First Aid for Childhood Emergencies


Let's all grow and develop together while having a great time!


Yuko Omine





・ Graduated from Kinki University with a major in childcare.


・ Graduated from Senshu School studying Childrens English.


061A4023WEB.jpgMiwa Yuminamochi (弓納持 美和)


・Graduated from Kanagawa Univeristy, Economics and Trade

・Graduated from the Japan College of Foreign Languages


・Adult, Infant and Child CPR (American Red Cross)

・TOEIC score of 870
・Nursery Caretaker Certification


I love working with all the happy and wonderful children. It is a great chance to enjoy our time together as well as growing and developing.


Namiko Takano




Hello I'm Namiko.


I was really looking forward to coming here!


I like traveling. I have been to many countries in the world.


If you have question about the world, ask me!

Keyboard Ensemble Teacher

Yossiy Sato




After starting piano at the age of 6, Yossiy continued his musical studies in America. There he learned Latin music and Jazz from Professor Fernando Lechuga. He performed upwards of 200 live events in America in a year.

After returning to Japan, he supported various artists and assisted in live musical performance over 1500 times. He even composed a song (Aiueo) for NHK TV.


Currently, he composes music, holds live performances, and does musical arrangement. He also works at Dream music as a Popular Jazz music teacher and is in charge of the Dream Kids House keyboard ensemble.

Rythmic teacher/Piano teacher(Monday)

● Risa Matsunaga




・Graduate from Tohogakuen university - Majored in Piano Studies


・Second prize in the Takamatsu telsa music festival 1999,2005


・Bronze prize of Kawai music contest - 35th National Competition


・Participant in the Japan Piano Education Association 16th and 21st National Audition Contest


・Participant in the 2008 Leipzig Music University Summer Seminar


・Currently working in Dream music as a rythmic and piano teacher


・Bright and enjoys working with children 

Montessori teacher

Miharu Kobayashi




・ Graduated from Shobi Junior College with a major in music


・ Graduated from Jochi Welfare University


・ Studied Educational Instruction at Tamagawa university


・ Worked at a Shibuya Nursery School as a childcare teacher for 6years


・ Studied Rythmic at the Rythmic Education Center


・ Studied Montessori at the Tokyo Montessori Training Center


・ Received a National Licence for Montessori instruction


061A3999WEB.jpgYuri Iizuka


 ・Graduated with degree in children's studies from Saitama Junshin College

 ・Experience caretaking for children of 0,1 years old at private nurseries

 ・Homestay and work experience in Australia (homestay programme)

 ・Experience caretaking for 0 year old children at public nurseries


 ・Nursery Caretaker License

 ・Kindergarten Teaching Certification
<Self Introduction> 

After graduating from nursing school, I worked as a nursery caretaker for a private nursery in Ibaraki prefecture for kids under 2 years old.

I have studied languages at school in Australia, and I worked in public childcare after returning home.

I believe children have lots of potential. I also believe in building child confidence to challenge new things, grow and develop. I look forward to seeing the children grow up day by day here at Dream Kids House.

Piano Instructor (Monday)

山岸先生.jpg山岸 麻悠美(Mayumi Yamagishi)


桐朋学園「子供のための音楽教室」松本教室でピアノ、ソルフェージュを学ぶ。桐朋学園大学卒業、桐朋学園大学院大学修了。第13回長野県ピアノコン クール中学生の部入賞。2005年松本交響楽団とモーツァルトのピアノコンチェルトを協演。2009年、上田市において「山岸麻悠美ピアノコンサート」開 催。ニース国際音楽アカデミー、霧島国際音楽祭に参加。 ピアノ、室内楽を廻由美子、野島稔、若林顕、岩崎淑、岩崎洸、藤原浜雄の各氏に師事。

Ballet Instructor

上田 明子(Akiko Ueda)

 日本女子体育短期大学 舞踏科 卒業

 ・1993,94 東京新聞全国舞踏コンクール 入賞4位

 ・1993 北九州&アジア洋舞コンクール 入賞2位

 ・1994 神戸洋舞コンクール 入選


 「FAME」 「夢のタイムリミット」 「夢があるから」 「ONLY・ONE」 「プリマ・ドンナ」 「怪獣ブースカ」 「ON・BROADWAY」等に出演


 池袋芸術祭入選 ミュージカル「カーネギーの日本人」に出演