The 5 Principles of Dream Kids House

image48.gif DREAM KIDS HOUSE の5つの柱 



1. There will always be a native teacher together with you.  He has experience at a famous International preschool and the principal has in-depth knowledge of the Montessori system.

2、プロの音楽家・音楽教育者、画家などによる本格的な芸術教育。リトミック、絵画・造形 、鍵盤アンサンブルなどが、授業料に含まれています。


2. Professional music and art instruction, including eurythmic, arts and crafts  are included in the curriculum.


3. Fresh and healthy lunch made from natural ingredients including fresh vegetables .


4. Trial farming to develop a respect for nature will be held a number of times throughout the year in locations such as Nagano and Ibaraki.


5. Raising children is a combined effort from teachers, parents and family.  There will be nonformal events once a month such as curry night for sharing our thought and opinions.

わーい(嬉しい顔)DREAM KIDS HOUSEは、社会の第一線で働くお父さん・お母さんに本当に喜んでもらい、また一緒に未来の宝を育てていきたいと思っています。

通常保育は9:00〜17:00  (8:00〜18:00までは延長料金なしでお預かり)、延長保育は、7:30〜19:30

Here at DREAM KIDS HOUSE, we believe in helping to raise and create a future treasure for society and please all the hardworking mothers and fathers.


Regular nursery care is from 9:00AM-5:00PM (No extra fees charged for nursery care from 8:00AM-6:00PM).  Extended nursery care is available from 7:30AM to 7:30PM